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Another BRTCA Nationals came and has become history. As always Purina Farm gathered a huge amount of participants and it was so great to see so many dogs and, of course, so many friends!

This year wasn’t easy with my trauma and with many plans still on hold, so Zastava Kennel was represented with a minimal quantity of dogs, but I am very happy that Gish and his daughter Zara made it to Purina! I was super happy to see Jade – Gish’s older daughter who lives in California and represent Snowline Kennel: I haven’t seen her since she left my house at 9 w.o. age

With help of his daughters 9 m.o. Zara and 15 m.o. Jade, Gish won BEST STUD DOG at 2019 BRTCA Nationals! It was a very important and emotional win for me because at 2015 BRTCA Nationals at Purina, a 16 m.o. Gish went with his mother Milana into the Brood Bitch competition and helped her to win. And now he returned to the same place with his progeny and won himself, holding the same high standard as a producer in second generation!

Maybe I am an “ old school “ person and am used to those progeny evaluations, which were a must back in Russian clubs, but Brood Bitch and Stud Dog rings are always very important for me and I am sure for many breeders!

Congratulations to Gish’ owners Brad and Lynn Spaulding and owners of Jade and Zara - Deb & Ken Lynn and Jerry & Gloria Wiltfang! And special thanks to Elena Pleskov for her handling of Zara in the Stud Dog ring!

6 Zastava's dogs got their BRTCA Annual Awards for achievements in 2018, great job and congratulations to all!

And of course it was a big honor and my pleasure to judge such a huge and meaningful event as First Inaugural BRTCA Top 20 - amazing dogs who are past and present of the breed in the North America! The event and banquet went great - thank you Johnna you did an amazing work, thank you Aline, thank you Kirsten - my wonderful Ring Steward! Thank you everyone who worked at the event and Nationals itself - BRTCA Board and of course our President, Marilyn Powell!

I don’t want to make and endless list of everyone I had a pleasure meet and talk - friends, participants, judges and new BRT owners - I enjoyed all of you! Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in future shows, everyone !

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