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Zastava Legacy Litter goes home!

Zastava’s L litter went home!

My baby birds flew away to their new families… I wish them all a very long and happy life , full of joy, adventures and love! Congratulations and best wishes go to all new owners , whom we greet in Zastava family!

I am very happy with the result of this , in many way monumental for myself, breeding. I was trying to bring together so many outstanding and beloved dogs, good number of them also are my William’s fines offsprings in both - Gish and Nox, the parents of this litter: Milana and Teddy, parents of Gish… Eli and Slada, parents of Nox, amazing dogs with many stellar champions behind them… I believe that quality of these babies will pay off hard work of many breeders and owners and hope our pups will grow into magnificent animals who will bring love and protection to their families.. I want to thank my friend of many years Natella Letitchever owner of Russian Pride Kennel, the breeder and co-owner of Nox- the Dam of the litter and Lara Oneschak , owner of Nox, for letting me lease Nox to bring this project to life! Natella, we will be proud of these dogs! Special thanks to Shannon Freeman, owner of Eli, one of my closest friend and co-author of the idea of this “ Legacy” litter- we already know that Eli and Milana traits are blooming out of these babies , all we were dreaming with you!Congrats to my friends Leo and Lena Merman, owners of Teddy, on his brand new grand babies ! Congrats to Brad Spaulding, owner of Gish, the Sire of the litter- Brad, I am very pleased and proud of our boy, this is his second litter and I am thrilled with quality he is producing ! And of course, thanks to my dear friend Viola Gilman for all her endless help with this litter, as always ! And of course, my husband Tim- honey, you are my rock!

But our babies they don’t know how meaningful they are- they were just growing and playing , learning a lot everyday- living their happy little lives! So here just some cuteness-the photos were taken when they were 6 weeks old, but even then the quality is visible already- big bones and wide jaws, substantial heads and width of the chest- new generation of Zastava ! They were a lot of work but mountains of joy, my little ones - my princess SoHo, and big happy girls Lilianna and Zara , my sweet Mario, my helper Moses, irresistible Gish Jr and my fabulous Jon Snow- I miss you all and love you forever!

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