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Zastava Kennel at 2016 BRTCA Temperament Test Certification by ATTS

14 Black Russian Terrier from 6 states ( IL,WI,MN,MI,IA,MO) participated in the official Temperament Test Certification by ATTS judges which was held on the premises of DogStyle,Inc.Training Club. The event was organized by the BRTCA Performance Committee, which I am Head of, and powered by help of friends and members of Zastava Kennel. Six of Zastava's dogs were participating and all passed the TT official Certification! Congratulations to all on their new title! We had busy and hot but had such a fun time and proud of all our dogs! Our Kennel was represented by following dogs : Milana (CKC CH., UKC CH., IABCA Nat. & Int. CH. MIDNIGHTSOLO UNITY for ZASTAVA, AKC CGC, 2 x TT, AKC RN, RA, RE, RAE, CKC RN, URO1,URO2,URO3), her puppies Gish (AKC, UKC CH Zastava Gallant Gish, TT, AKC CGC,AKC BN, CD) and Glasha (AKC CH Zastava Glafira of Black Point, AKC CGC, TT), Yushka (IABCA Int.CH, UKC CH Zastava Full Moon Over Chicago, AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, AKC CGC, AKC CGCA, AKC RN, RA,TT), Danika (IABCA Nat & Int. CH., UKC CH. Zastava Everybody Talks, TT, AKC RN, RA, RE, URO1, URO2 ) and her sister Emmy, ( Zastava Escapade, Certified Service Dog). Thank you to our Johnna for being a trial secretary an organizing so many things! Special thanks to Viola and her husband Alan and her son Jacob for their huge involvement and work! Thanks to my friends Lena Merman and Leo Merman for working the event and helping me with pictures! Thanks to my husband Tim Zuellig for all the help and work AND handling my insanity! Thank you to Lauren for driving the distance and being, as usual, your very needed self! Sorry , that Stoli could not participate, but we all were so happy to see our boy! Thanks to Aline for huge work she performed at the test and also for the fans for our dogs at this hot weather! Thanks to Jerry and Gloria for the help,for work and just for being there, as always!

Big Thanks to Jeff, owner of DogStyle,Inc. for having our event and all your help! Thanks for everyone who were driving far and bringing dogs and participating in such an important for the entire breed event ! Congratulations one more time! Great job, everyone! Please, visit the Zastava's TT Album in our GALLERIES and see the detailed report and pictures. In the picture below from left to right: Kim and Emmy, Brad and Gish, Lena and Glasha,Johnna,Olga and Danika, Tim and Milana, Loren and Stoli, Gloria ,Jerry and Yushka.

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