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Yes, we really are from Siberia!

Survival in this dangerously beautiful yet harsh land requires a strong body, keen senses, a reliable character and a big heart from everyone who lives there - dogs are no exception. 


Because the breeding stock for Black Russian Terriers was isolated in this remote geographic location where the climate is so harsh, Siberia is known for development of bigger, stronger and more powerful dogs. That explains our desire and dedication to keeping the Siberian bloodlines going. We love this breed and our goal is to continue to introduce it in North America.

Literally, the name of our kennel " Zastava " means
This name has a deep meaning and a rich history which goes back to our roots in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

Two of my dogs and I came to USA from the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. Krasnoyarsk stretches along the banks of the most powerful Russian and Siberian waterway, the Yenisei River.

Krasnoyarsk was built in the early 17th Century as the Russian outpost at the border between Russia and Mongolia. Back then, my city served as the "protector of Russia" ( Zastava ).

This name reflects my love of Krasnoyarsk and Siberia and also represents an important trait of Black Russian Terriers, they are loyal protectors and steadfast guardians.

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia.

I believe our kennel name captures the character of these confident, calm, highly intelligent and brave working dogs. Dogs which I love with all my heart and to whom this web site is dedicated.

Zastava Black Russian Terriers with Olga Kornienko.

My name is Olga Kornienko , I am the founder and owner of Zastava BRT Kennel.
I have a Master's degree in Biology and more than 25 years of experience with Black Russian Terriers.


These dogs are not just my hobby - they are my life. 

My first BRT male, Sher, entered my life in 1998 and ever since these strong and intelligent dogs walk beside me ...
Back in Krasnoyarsk, Russia with Sher  I was lucky to have an opportunity to train with the K-9 Police Unit. It was a great experience to work with police professionals and learn from their knowledge of real working dogs.

Later with my second BRT male William I worked with Elena Ershova, owner of the kennel "Iz Enisejskoj Gubernii,' a National Category Expert in Working Quality and Sport and Head of BRT section of “Kovcheg ,” All-Breed Kennel Club of Krasnoyarsk. Elena is an experienced breeder who has produced many generations of wonderful dogs;  my mentor and a very good friend.

Olga Kornienko withe her first BRTs Sher and William.

In 2000 I moved, along with my BRT William, to USA, where William’s show career successfully continued. But it wasn’t only about his great wins at the show ring, just the fact of his presence in my life, the possibility to travel and show him helped me tremendously to adjust to the new  country, to meet many new BRT fanciers who became and stay my good friends, and for that I will  always be thankful to my William.
   Besides his show career,  William proved himself as a sire of numerous Champions ( some of them you can see at "William's Offspring" Page) and there are many BRT kennels in Russia, Europe and North America who are working with William’s progeny and bloodlines in their breeding programs. 

Zastava BRT. Olga Kornienko with 10 years old William ( right) and 1 year old Urs ( left).

I have been member of good standing in the BRTCA ( Black Russian Club of America) for many years . Now  I am working as a Chair of BRTCA Performance Sports Committee  and  BRTCA representative in the International Black Russian Terrier Club.
I have been actively involved in writing  of the current AKC BRT Illustrated Standard as a member of the Standard and Illustration Committee.
   Since 2009 as a member of Judges Education Program and BRTCA Breed Mentor, I have been conducting  AKC judge mentoring sessions at the National BRTCA Specialties shows and other events .

I have conducted grooming seminars for the National Club and BRT fancy for many years and I am the author of BRT Grooming Manual “Shaping the Shadow ”, which is available for purchase at our website.
In 2012  I have got a certification in Canine Reproduction. 
In 2015 I qualified and certified as AKC Breeder of Merit.
In 2019 I have got a certification in Dog Emotions and Cognition ( Duke University , NC) - beside of many courses and webinars, I am  always looking forward for possibilities to keep my own education in motion !

2015 BRTCA Calendar made and donated by Zastava BRT Kennel.
2014 BRTCA Calendar made and donated by Zastava BRT Kennel.
BRT Grooming Manual " Shaping the Shadow" by Olga Kornienko.
BRT stickers ZAstava BRT Kennel made and donated to BRTCA.

After the separation of “Siberian Star,” the kennel we created and worked for few years with my former partners, I started my new kennel “Zastava” in 2007, together with Johnna Bradfield - my good friend of many years. 

As Zastava Kennel was growing with years, so grew our Zastava  Team - our little community of friends who share the same passion - Black Russian Terrier ! And together we are growing our dogs, training, showing, having fun!
Come, join us at our events and learn everything about Zastava's BRTs firsthand !



There was a lot of other work done for BRTCA by me and our Zastava Team:  1st National BRT Fun Day in MI,
BRT Temperament Testing by ATTS in IL and MI, BRTCA Working Weekend in MI which included 7 different test and certifications, 
and other events as well. Few of our Zastava Members are holding positions on the Board of the BRTCA and involved in fundraising and other work for the National Breed Club. 

There are few annual events we hold in our Zastava Kennel - BRT Grooming Seminars, Summer BRT Picnics, Obedience and Protection Workshops.
For a past few years the members of our kennel have donated money for printing of BRT Calendars and BRT stickers (which are done by myself and my husband Tim, who is a graphic designer).Zastava Kennel  donates them to BRTCA and money which the club gets from the sale goes to the needs of BRTCA and BRT rescue.

Zastava Kennel is committed to keep the type of large, strong and stable working Siberian BRTs.

Our dogs have earned many show and working titles and designations and we are proud of the results which are not possible without great love and dedication of all our dog’s owners, members of the Zastava Team.
As a founder of the kennel I want to thank all owners of Zastava's dogs for great care and love to our BRTs and for being good friends and wonderful team to work with!

Zastava Kennel at the 2015 BRTCA Nationals.
Above: Zastava Kennel after 2015 BRTCA Nationals.
Below : Zastava's BRTs and their owners after Temperament Test by ATTS, July 2016.
Zastava BRT Kennel at ATTS test.

Olga Kornienko,
Founder of the Zastava Kennel, AKC Breeder of Merit,
BRTCA Breed Mentor for AKC Judges

Zastava BRT C litter.
Above : Olga ( right) and Johnna ( left) with
7 weeks old Zastava "C" Litter.
Below : Zastava's BRT Grooming Seminar.
Olga at Zastava BRT Grooming Seminar.
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