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August 04, 2007 - October 28, 2010

2 years old Strazh Zastavy Urs iz Enisieskoi Gubernii in October of 2009

(Rus.CH Knyaz Enisejskii iz Angarskoi Jemchujiny x Zvezda iz Enisejskoi Gubernii)

Breeder: Elena Ershova
Owner: Olga Kornienko


Urs was MY DOG ONLY. One of those who did not ask to be petted by a stranger, but if he permitted you to pet him - you felt honored. But as much he didn’t care about anyone’s attention except mine, he actually had a huge and very gentle love for all children - any child was his friend immediately. And they loved him back so sincerely! When we were walking with him on the streets, playing kids would yell “Urs is coming!!!” And they would run to him from all directions and just to pet him and hug him and kiss him and talk to him ... And he would stay there, all gigantic, calm and happy...

Urs was born in Siberia and I brought him here after one of my visits home - the essential mix of Siberian bloodlines I am working with - William’s puppies from Russia and from Canada, puppies of his half siblings – my big hope which turned to be a huge fail. I tragically lost him when he just turned 3 years old and miss him ever since. Urs’ daughter Anushka and her daughter Yushka are both incredible Zastava's females who carry his destiny.

Urs 3 y.o.

Urs means  bear. And this word defined him. The build and power of this incredible BRT male was mind blowing, and that is how I will always remember my boy – that feeling of being unconditionally loved and being bulletproof safe…


Sorry, I cannot really write about him – it is still too difficult.

I miss you my big baby, I know you are waiting for me…

Please, scroll down to see Urs' Achievements and his Photo Gallery.

Urs' Achievements

AKC Canine Good Citizen (AKC CGC)
Temperament Test (TT)
AKC Rally Novice (AKC RN)
AKC Rally Advanced (AKC RA)
AKC Rally Excellence (AKC RE)


Urs' Photo Gallery
Urs 10 weeks old
In the park with my baby Urs.
Booring...and nobody calls me!
Urs ( 4 m.o.) and his Duck.
7 month old Urs
My baby is 9 month old
11 month old Urs
Zastava 2008 Christmas Card
Julie & Pink, me & Urs after TT
Urs pulls the tire
Urs and his tire
Urs at Carting Seminar
Johnna and 2 y.o.Urs
15 m.o. Urs
My pretty boy.
Having fun in the park!
Urs jumps
3 y.o. Urs
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