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2018 BRTCA Working Weekend hosted by Zastava Kennel in MI

BRTCA WORKING WEEKND September 15-16, 2018.

Goodness, that was FUN! I want to thank all BRT owners who joined us at the event — guys, you are awesome, it was such a pleasure to meet all of you and your BRTs. And most of you had to deal with long distance driving — impressive dedication! Congratulations on all the new titles of your dogs, great job and absolute way to go!

The event was Sponsored by BRTCA and organized by Zastava Kennel.

This is not our first working event, but we never put together the event of such format before - when so many tests are happening simultaneously, and in two short days– but it went with flying colors and nothing would be possible without our amazing Zastava Team!

Guys, I love you all so much, you are a powerhouse! Gloria and Jerry, Johnna, Lauren and Fred and Freddy, Christy, Marina and Jeff, and my husband Tim - thank you all for your parts of the work, and as usual, everything is done perfectly! And, of course, the biggest and very special thanks to Shannon and John Freeman who let us bring the chaos of this event into their most beautiful property! And one more thanks just for Shannon- my dear friend, you moved the mountains, there no words to express my appreciation for that enormous amount of work you did- you are my hero!

On Saturday we had Temperament Test with 27 entries ( 10 BRTs), on Sunday we had ATAN and ACAL Tests for BRTs with 30 entries overall , Stephanie was working her AKC CGC, CGCA and Trick Dog Tests for both days and overall 31 test was done by her!

Thanks to all the testers, who made all this project possible, to all ATTS testers and Chief Tester AJ Slaughter, to our friend and fantastic trainer and judge Shane Carter of Carter K-9 who has worked with us for years already , and to our friend, AKC Evaluator Stephanie Sexton - amazing job, Stephanie!

ACAL and ATAN Tests were something new and a great discovery- the tests design is simple but incredibly powerful and thought through - created in Europe for mastoid breeds it is actually matching BRTs mentality way deeper then regular TT, in my opinion.

I am impressed and interested.

I don’t want to make this post too long, but I definitely am going to write an article about it, so you will hear about it soon:)

With all of it said, I want to add, that as a breeder I am very proud of all Zastava’s dogs that participated in the event and earned together 21 title- Jordan, our rising star and clown in the same bottle, Yushka, our powerhouse, the siblings Atti and Creed, our youngsters who growing into fantastic and special characters, our 4-month-old baby girls Karma and Kat, who were working hard and serious to get their CGCs and of course my beloved Danika, loving mother of Jordan, Karma and Kat and kick-ass girl, who has my back under any circumstances! I want to thank all the owners of Zastava’s dogs for their care and love to our BRTs, and I am thankful for our human friendship!

I really liked the words of my new friend Ayalla Ruvio - “you either win or learn, you never lose”- I think this is a great point of view and I cannot agree more — we not only earned some new titles, we all learned something new at this event, we had great time, fun, sportsmanship and some escape from everyday routine!

For those who are enjoy walking this route, I am thinking to bring Shane for a two-day training workshop (obedience, protection) next spring in IL, but this is a subject for another conversation )

One more time, congrats to everyone on their titles, great job and looking forward to see all of you soon! Enjoy the pictures and thanks to Jeff, who was handling my camera at the times when I was busy! To see more photos from the event please visit our

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