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Zastava Training Weekend with Shane Carter!

On October 14-15, 2017 we had another Zastava BRT & friend’s obedience / protection seminar and training with Shane Crater of Carter Canine Services. Of course we had a fabulous time, as always, with Shane!

Since we have a few young males in our kennel, we gathered a group of puppies in age of 9-12 month old and were oriented on their age development and behavior- we all know how important to gain control on our “ BRT teenagers “ and how very few trainers really understand BRT’s mentality . Thank you, Shane for all your knowledge and advises, they will help many owners!

Our adult BRT girls had their badass fun on Sunday- the weekend flew away in the blink of the eye!

I want to thank our hosts –Jerry and Gloria Wiltfang for their hospitality and all the participants of the seminar for your dedication, your far driving despite of bad weather on Saturday and your love to our dogs! Looking forward to see Shane next year! Thanks again to everyone- we had so much fun, love you all! Please see the pictures of the event in our Galleries

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