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Two URO Titles, 2 x UKC Total Dogs and a lot of swimming!

As much as I love summer, seems this year it flew by while I am dealing with all sort of emergencies and complications! And one of them is that Danika developed a huge false pregnancy. Looks like after having a litter her maturity instinct blown to maximum and her preparations for imaginary puppies turned my happy sunshine Weasel into a sad creature who only wants to lie under the table. We were keeping intensity of our walks and working routine with her- but it was obviously not enough. She needed a powerful distraction. Show and trails. And what can be better than share the insanity of show weekend with your best friend?! LOL So we with Tim hit the road to our home state - MI! And while Tim and Milana were visiting Tim's parents, our little Zastava Team went to UKC show & trials! Me with Danika ( Zastava Everybody Talks) and Shannon with 9 m.o. Jordan (Zastava Justice , also known as Weasel Junior – Weju for short )) went for two shows and three trials this weekend. Of course with our luck the heat went up to 100 F and the schedule got so tangled that we literally were running between the rings but we had TONS of fun!! Jordan has made his debut into Rally (his first Obedience title is in the progress already) and Conformation: URO 1 title with scores 100,98,100, 2 x 2nd and 3rd placements in a big class URO1 B and then Best of Breed and 2nd in adult Guardian Group our of 9 breeds! Danika wasn’t as good as she can be in the beginning, but finally started to wake up from her introverted condition and got her URO3 title with score 96,98,100 with 4th,3rd and 2nd placements in URO3B class and Best of Breed at the second show. We didn’t go to the group at that show- too hot and tired, so we took Weasels to swim instead! The cherry on the top were two UKC Total Dog Awards for both Jordan and his mommy Danika officially handed to us on Sunday! Beside of completely enjoying this time with Shannon and Jordan, I must say how much I was proud of them! There so much love between them and obviously tons of work on Shannon’s half- the scores like that are not happening on the first trail just magically- there is a great bond, excellent communication and joy of being in companionship! Thank you, my dear, for my baby!

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