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Zastava's 10th Anniversary BRT Picnic

Please, join us and have a wonderful time at our annual Zastava BRT Picnic to enjoy good company, BBQ and fun with our favorite dogs! This year is Zastava’s 10th Anniversary and we are looking forward to see Zastava’s BRTs and their humans If you are not a BRT owner ( yet:)) and just started to get interest to these amazing dogs, feel free to come and meet the breed! Date: June 10, 2017 (For details, please, contact us ) Time: 10:30 am Location: Willow Point Park, ( click on the name of the park to see the map) John Mogg Road and Cove Road, Grayslake (Wildwood), IL 60030 Accommodation for our out of state guests: Comfort Suites Hotel (Grayslake, IL) has been a good place to stay for visitors of many Zastava’s events in few years. Our BRTs are welcome there and everyone always complimenting the convenience of hotel itself, its location and quality.

1775 East Belvidere Road, Grayslake, IL, 60030

Phone: (847) 223-5050 Fax: (847) 223-7070

For all our guests and Zastava members who are planning to come with dogs- please bring your crates and water bowls, so dogs can rest. Thanks in advance, for letting us know that you are coming – we need our parking tickets and food to be calculated! See you all soon!

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