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May 9, 2018


2 years old Karma on a walk (while COVID lockdown)

Here he comes – that irresistible spirit of love and mischief… our Jordan! 
He didn't grow yet in his “big boy“ name – Zastava Justice, and is now better known by the names Thunderbutt and Weju (“Weasel Jr.” after his mom's nickname). For now, he is still our beloved gigantic toddler, complete clown, explorer, and cuddler!


Jordan is the son of the absolutely outstanding European sire Igor ( KFT CH, Lux. CH, Nld. CH, VDH CH, J.Ger.CH (KFT) Caraul Tara's Sarja BH ), and our Danika UKC CH. IABCA Int.& Nat Jr.CH Zastava Everybody Talks TT, AKC RN,RA,RE, URO1,URO2), and is the very valuable (for our kennel) result of a fantastic blood combination and linebreeding to our William. So Jordan “stayed in the family " and is the every-day joy of my best friend Shannon.

Shannon with 6 w.o. Jordan

The amazing bond between Shannon and Jordan continues getting only stronger since their first meeting, when Danika’s litter was only 4 weeks old, and they both realized that they could not live without each other! ☺ And we have no doubts that Jordan will be an excellent Service Dog for Shannon, especially with all that work she does in this direction!
Jordan, while getting trained and learning many important things, is also getting all sorts of fun: He goes to work with Mommy Shannon, rides in the car, walks into town, plays with toys (and cats), swims a lot in his own pond, visits his Mom Danika, goes to his classes, and everything else that busy and happy pups do!
He is growing into a very large, impressive and promising BRT and with all our heart we are wishing Jordan the best and love him to pieces!

Please, scroll down to see Karma's Photo Gallery.

Karma's Achievements

IABCA International Champion (IABCA Int.CH)

AKC Canine Good Citizen ( AKC CGC )

AKC Community Canine   (AKC CGCA)

AKC Urban Canine             (AKC CGCU)

AKC Trick Dig Novice         (AKC TDN)

Karma's Photo Gallery
Zastava Justice
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