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Danika is getting her second leg toward AKC RAE

We went to the rally trials last Sunday (unfortunately had to work on Saturday) and Danika got her second leg toward AKC RAE. It was 10 dogs in Excellent B and 15 in Advanced B and she was both time 4th place in the class. The course itself was quiet challenging, with constant change of directions, but even more difficult because the next ring just over that small fence was a show ring full of bullterriers .Bullterriers were running in circles and standing right at the side which was connected to the rally course, not talking how loud it was and caused a ton of destructions. Which was kind of fun to see the level of control handlers are having over their dogs at the rally ring! All three dogs before Danika in both classes were small- Pomeranian, tiny Sheltie and miniature Schnauzer and were more sheltered by the little fence then the rest of big dogs who can look over it. Danika scored 97 an96 - lower than she normally would, but with no mistakes and all points lost to the double commands because she would stand there and watch bullterriers with her mouth open! So beside of bringing home 2 x QS and 2 ribbons for the placements, Weasel also got to watch a bullterriers show, which, I guess, a bonus! LOL

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