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Zastava Kennel Puppyhood Album
Zastava Kennel at 2018 BRTCA Working Weekend Album
"Don't ask us what we did to Santa !" Album
Disclosure: No Santas were harmed while the photoshoot!
Zastava Kennel Summer Picnics
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Zastava Kennel at 2016 BRTCA Temperament Test Certification by ATTS
Zastava Kennel  Show Album
Zastava Kennel  " Life is Great "  Album
Zastava Kennel  " Protection Seminar with Shane Carter "  Album

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2016 BRTCA Temperament Test by ATTS

Zastava's dogs at the BRTCA Temperament Test by ATTS. All passed! From left to right: Kim and Emmy, Brad and Gish, Lena and Glasha,Johnna,Olga and Danika, Tim and Milana, Lauren and Stoli, Gloria,Jerry and Yushka. Big thank you to Zastava's members and our friends for all the help and congratulations to all!